6 Spring Maintenance Tips for Your Vehicle

After the long cold winter, you may have plans to hit the road for a road trip. As the temperatures rise at the beginning of summer, it may be time for you to put the plans into action. However, it is important to make sure that your vehicle is road-ready before you hit the road for the scenic drives. Having a spring maintenance checklist for your car will help you avoid car breakdown resulting from your ignorance. As an important asset in your home, make sure your car is in a proper condition before you get to use it after winter. Use this spring maintenance tips to make sure your car is reliable and runs efficiently.

Change your oil and check fluids

Warmer weather has more demands on your engine. For your car to run smoothly throughput spring, change the oil and oil filter according to the owner’s manual. Ignoring oil changes can cause higher fuel consumption and even engine damage. While oil change is important, don’t forget to check the level and condition of the fluids regularly. Foregoing to check these fluids (brake fluid, transmission fluid, power steering fluid) can lead to expensive repairs and compromise your safety.  Once your fluids are changed make sure to use Window Tint Philadelphia

Remove Leftover Salt

Spring cleaning is not only good for your house only, but your car also. During winter, salt is used to melt snow and ice on the roads. When the salt gets in contact with the metal in your undercarriage, it can cause rust and corrosion. This can result in costly repairs which you can avoid. Take your car to a reputable car wash to clean your car and remove the salt from your undercarriage.

Check alignment and suspension

If your steering wheel vibrates or your car pulls to one side while driving on a flat level road, your car has a problem. When you hit potholes as you drive, it can cause suspension and alignment problems to your vehicle. Take your car to a mechanic for a quick alignment check to ensure your car is in good condition for use.  

Rotate tires and check air pressure

Tire pressure inspection is very important for any journey. Make sure the pressure of the tires including the spare is according to the manufacturer’s specification. If the pressure is beyond the specifications, it can affect the fuel consumption and the ease of driving.

Check Your Brakes

Winter conditions can cause the corrosion of brake parts. Before you pack for your trip in spring, make sure the brakes are in a proper working condition. When it comes to your safety, the brakes on your car are very crucial. Have them checked to prevent any safety issues.

Inspect Your Wiper Blades

Snow and ice can damage your wiper blades in winter. Spring is the ideal time for you to replace the wiper blades. If your blades produce a squeaking noise or they are generally worn out, consider replacing them.

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